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[sticky post] Filters. (Sticky.)

Since there are occasionally new eyes perusing all this self-indulgent excess verbiage, I think I should take a minute to mention filters.

I filter posts relating to BDSM/sex, polyamory, generally personal things, girl stuff, fandom (fanfic, fandom-related rants, etc.), and miscellany. I also make quite a few general "Friends Only" posts that include everyone on my Flist. Everything else is usually left unlocked.

If you want to be included in any of these filters, let me know.

Do be aware that if I don't know you very well, or if we've not met in an environment that makes me inclined to believe that we share a common respect for one another's kinks/privacy, I may not add you to certain groups. Also... Guys/men/those who identify as male-type-folks: You are not in the Girls Only group. If you identify as female and I am aware of this, you're in the group. If you're TG and "undeclared," for lack of a more PC term, rattle my cage and indicate if you'd like to be included. (I'm only being picky about this filter because I don't want to get boy-germs on my girlie posts. :P )

I'm screening all replies, so if you're new/ish and want to be in on some of these groups, say so. By the same token--if you're reading things that make your eyes bleed and the screaming just won't stop, say the word and I'll take you out of any groups that aren't working for you.

So, now's your chance. What do you want to see?

EDIT: "Screening" replies means that only I can see what you've written, unless I choose to "unscreen" it. Just make sure to say whether you:
A.) want your reply left private, or
B.) are okay with it being made public.


Originally posted by supergee at Numbers
I am likely to assume that British Members of Parliament [MPs] are smarter than American Congresspersons, perhaps because I am more familiar with the latter. After some thought, I have decided that the following does not change this belief:
A recent survey by the Royal Statistical Society’s “getstats” campaign asked MPs to give the probability of getting two heads when tossing a coin twice. More than half failed to get the answer correct – including a humiliating three-quarters of Labour MPs.
source. Thanx to andrewducker

Ron Perlman (as Hellboy) FTW!

I should have saved this for Monday, because this is the kind of stuff that restores one's faith in humanity: Ron Perlman makes little boy's Hellboy-wish come true.

Perlman as Hellboy

For the UK folks.

"Scientists have discovered the smallest unit of measurement for personality. It's called a 'Miliband'." -- Jessica Rabbit (@Political_Fun on Twitter)

I take it back.

Disco was only half dead. RIP, Robin Gibb.

Via everyone, really, but I watched it here: (Worth perusing if you need a bit of backstory.)

I live.

Still alive, and all that. Just checking in. (Seems like all I do around here nowadays is delete comment-spam and read a bit.)

Corollary to Clarke's 3rd Law

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a completely ad-hoc plot device."--David Langford, "A Gadget Too Far"

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